Monday, January 26, 2009

HAY, that's hot

How many times do you have to tell a child about the stove. You tell them, you may hold their hand close to feel the warmth. Yet time and time again, you have to stop them from touching. Then one day, when your distracted, they do it. They touch it and come crying to you with a burn. You tend to their burn, you hug them and once again try to explain. With most kids, that's the end of it. Oh, accidents happen, but for the most part they now know and won't touch it again. Now picture this. You tell Congress that raising taxes will effect jobs and the economy. They do it anyway and things start to fall apart. You say "see what happens, don't do it again" and walk away. A bit later, after putting all their minds together, they come up with a new plan. Implement it, and the economy slips again. So once again, you scold and move on. After all the times that Congress has touched this stove, isn't it time to seek professional help and quit turning our backs?

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