Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hello all that venture into the unknown. The unknown in this case is when the "People of Smart" stopped caring to do a bit of looking before they jump. Not that that includes everyone, just a majority at the time of this posting. I am a Republican, a true Republican. You know, the Republican's that have been sorley dissipointed since the passing of Reagen. I personally don't care who anyone voted for. If your an Obama supporter, GREAT, WONDERFUL, GLAD TO HEAR IT. Just tell me why. Please leave the "buzz" words out please. I want facts, issues, numbers. If your a fellow Republican, please tell me how we can get our party back. Attacks will not be tolerated from any side. Anyone looking for an online fight will be ignored. I just want to open a discussion that will hopefully get our Country on track. Thank you.

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