Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ohh, Ohh, pick me

Can I be next please. Cost of living is going up. Their talking a pay cut at my work and raising the co-pays for insurance. I'm losing A LOT OF MONEY EVERY DAY, I could go bankrupt soon. Doesn't that qualify me for one of them there bail outs? Every one's doing it, and yes I would jump off a bridge if every body's doing it. Sorry Mom, but we're talking TRILLIONS here! It's not like the we're talking real money here. Real money is worth something, and at the rate their printing it off the paper it's printed on is its only value. Just bleach it out, a few staples, and presto! A wonderful note pad to write down what your going to do first when(and if) the dollar is worth something again.

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