Thursday, January 22, 2009

Presidential primary

Is anyone else tired of the endless year it takes to get through the Presidential primary season? Wouldn't it save time and money if the primaries were set up on a revolving schedule with the nation divided in quarters? Start in the NE in March. May in the SW. July in the SW and Sept in the NW. The next time it starts a quarter turn clockwise and so on. It would give the candidates only one section of the country to canvas at a time and 2 months to do it in. No more traveling countless times across country unless there was a function they chose to attend. More for us common folks, there would be less time needed for political adds in any given area until the final 2 make their run. It would also give more of a chance for any given candidate to make it longer in the race without the stigma of losing Iowa or NH hounding them.

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