Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funny, I don't feel stimulated

This stimulus bill just signed by our wonderful Representatives is (insert expletive here)!!! Let me count the ways. On the most basic level (get ready for a life lesson) YOU CAN'T SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT!! The government in it's infinite wisdom has started printing money to "beef" up the system. Guess how much that money is worth. I can't calculate it, their printing it to fast. With each dollar coming off the press, the ones in your pocket are worth less and less. Billions to rework the health care system. Wait a sec, I thought this was an economic stimulus? Money for the States. Oh yes, the ones that have over spent for years. The ones that are even now spending the money they don't have yet, on programs that they will have no funding for next fiscal year. Guess what happens next year folks. OK, enough ranting on the bill. Lets move on to the time it took to pass it. The Big O said that no bill would be passed without everyone having 5 days to look it over. Pelosi said that there would be at least 48 hours between the final version and voting. The final (pencil marks and all) version was available online for our Rep's to read at 11pm. They voted the next morning. Approx 1060 pages(pulling that number from memory)that had to be read and understood in 12 hours. You folks ever seen a bill. There's a lot of cross referencing and sub text to get through. Throw in that the reading, if done at all, was done over night. Brown from Ohio was dealing with the death of his Mother and had to be flown in to vote. Mr. Brown, I'm very sorry about your Mother. So, when did you find time to read this bill. This isn't just sour grapes folks. We all knew this bill was going to pass. Just please follow your own rules. If you say we will have 2 or 5 days to read things over to form an opinion, please keep your promises. If your going to just do whatever you want to, then just do it. Quit wasting every one's time by lying to us.