Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We all just need to slow down

Anyone else noticing the pattern forming around all of us? Every thing in life is being done at a breakneck speed. Every issue needs to be resolved yesterday. Every law needs passed today, or more will die! We have become a nation that stands in front of the microwave tapping our feet, tired of waiting the 90 seconds for our burrito that used to take an hour. We scream at our computers that may take 5 minutes to bring up articles or quotes to back our stands on issues. Remember when that kind of research used to require a trip to the library and a few hours, maybe days? We have Al Gore and his cronies running around telling us the Earth will end if we don't fix it RIGHT NOW! Obama told us we needed the stimulus money NOW or the financial system will end. That was how long ago, and the last I knew only about 5% was in the system. Yet we were told that there wasn't even time to read it or total doom would befall all of us. Yes, Bush did the same thing to us with the Patriot Act and the original TARP. This is not a rant against the Democrats alone, we are all guilty of it. We all have allowed this nation to spin out of control. Everything is happening in so many places, so quickly, that we have lost the center. Everyone is so polarized around their own little pet projects that no one can see what effect their actions are having on others. We are all concerned about the fringe, the extras. We're worried about losing our hair while our heart and lungs are failing. Abortion, gay marriage, the global warming or cooling whichever, stem cell research all mean nothing if there is no country left to argue about these things in. What boils down to petty differences and self interest have taken the lead over substance. Our focus is spread over to broad of an area, to many distractions, with not enough time to see it all before it happens. Look to the center people. Find what will effect your family tomorrow or even today if it happens. Concentrate there first. Don't let the media and those with their own agendas guide you. Be honest, if gay marriage passes will the world stop spinning? If Roe V Wade is overturned, will you lose your job? We need to find candidates that will find the roots of what this country was founded on first, individual issues second.

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