Monday, July 13, 2009

Living in Egypt

What does Obama and an Egyptian have in common? They both require "denial" to live. Lets explore a tributary or two on this river shall we. Oh where to start? How about with the last fiasco to come out of the House at his request, Cap and Trade. "Make no mistake: This is a jobs bill," Obama said. "We're already seeing why this is true in the clean energy investments we're making through the Recovery Act.". He is right, it is a bill that will affect many jobs. It will crush them out of existence under the weight of regulation and tax. Who cares that in Spain it killed 2 jobs for every one it made. Remember he did promise to bankrupt the coal industry during his campaign. Can't accuse him of not trying to follow through. This bill pushes solar and wind power. Sources of power that have yet to produce enough energy to pay for themselves before their working parts are past their useful life. Pundents far and wide that are behind this bill use Denmark as a shining example. What they leave out is the fact that Denmark has yet to shut down any fossil fuel plants, and has no plans to do so. The reasoning behind all the noise about "crap and tirade" is the Almighty AlGore. All wise and all knowing defender of the Earth and it's creatures. Look at the all Polar bears he has managed to save from the melting ice caps. The ice caps that have not lost total mass, just shifted their building direction. Who cares that on their own, those nutty bears have managed to increase their numbers exponentially. The man that will save us from the evil carbon menace. Carbon that has no proven effect on global temperature. The all knowing one that can't pay yet any "expert" to explain how the temperature on other planets has gone up and down at the same rate as us. Next fork in the river takes us back to the distant past. When, having to fix the errors of the despot known only as BUSH, the all mighty O forced through congress a yet to be read bill known as The Stimulus. This bill was all that stood between us and financial ruin. So naturally prior to signing it, he took the Mrs. on a date to the old home town. It was a piece of prose that could change the course of the mighty rush of industry! All industry except the one place that he chose to introduce this fine bill. Cat has yet to bring anyone back that I know of at this time. Over the past week we have heard of the great things that this bill hath wrought. Unless of course you listen to Biden that says things are worse then they thought. Damn unemployment for not listening and staying below 9% like the bill was supposed to do. Of course that wacky Biden got it all wrong and everything is rosy according to Obama. He would do nothing different, every things fine, move along, nothing to see here. Regardless of the current situation, the bulk of the money will be meted out next year. You know, when the congress that approved this are running for reelection. Forget your troubles today, it will all be fine after our great grand kids get done paying for it. The next siding we come to is one not yet explored by us. There have been many brave countries to attempt the daring trip down this rapid and rocky stream though. The river of no return, Public Health Care! Don't look behind the curtain and see that those countries are starting to try and get away from it. Who cares that a majority of Americans are against it. Forget the fact that Medicare and Medicaid are dying a slow and painful death due to mismanagement. The Obama plan is fool proof and will work regardless of the fact that it will be run by the same type of folks that run the others. Full steam ahead, damn the torpedo's! Lets just look past the fact that something like Tort reform could solve most of the cost problems with the current system. Enough of the thrilling ride down the Obama rapids for today kids. Go back to watching American Idol and let Congress and our Commander in Chief handle the heavy lifting for you. I'm sure it will all be fine.

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