Monday, August 31, 2009

I am an American

I am an American. The product of over two hundred years of sacrifice, hard work and patriotism. Those that would label me anything but, do not know me. In my heart I am a direct descendant of the Founding Fathers. While there may be no common blood, I am still a member of the line. I am a proud student of our history and have a keen eye on the future. I am from all races yet a member of one family.

I am an American. I show my loyalty to my country through my actions and words. I am the one called on to do the heavy lifting needed to keep our country working. I ask for little in return, just the freedom to be who I am.

I am an American. I can be hard as steel yet soft as a Mothers soothing touch. I can strike as quick as lightning either in retribution or aid with equal prowess. My capacity for mercy and charity know no bounds. I am resilient and will hold to my values no matter the situation.

I am an American. Those who oppose me look through eyes clouded with jealousy, envy and a fear of freedom. Those who would change me do so with the ignorance of my full potential.

I am an American. While I welcome debate, I abhor dictation. I will not stand idly by while a change to our very foundation is attempted, it will not be accepted. For far to long I've been silent or unheard. I will be quiet and ignored no longer. Silence me and there are many who will tell my story.

I am an American. This is my country, a great gift given me by my fathers. I will protect it and care for it as if it were my own child. If raised with the values set forth in the greatest documents of freedom ever written, it's potential for greatness is limitless.

I am an American. I can be your truest friend or your harshest enemy. The choice is yours to make. Know that your choice will not change my views in any way. You are welcome in my country so long as you accept it for what it is meant to be.

I am an American! I was born one. I live as one. And by the grace of God I will die as one!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Who would have thought it? How could this have come to pass? When did such a tiny little word gain so much power. It's only 3 letters long, just one syllable. It can be spoken out loud in front of your Sainted Grandmother without risk of causing offence. Yet it has the power to make even the President stutter and pause. Congressmen run in fear of it or defend against it with evasion and personal attacks. How has this little word become our greatest weapon?

As a child, you probably used it a lot. More than likely it was one of your first questions. If a child can use it, just how dangerous can it be? It's hard to use it in anger. You can cry it to the heavens in rage, but at someone, it's more with disappointment than anything else if there's any emotion attached to it. Today though, spoken in the right venue it can do more damage than a nuke.

There has to be a reason that the word is feared in Washington. Is it that they just don't know and are afraid of appearing foolish? Could it be just that the mere suggestion that they have to answer is offensive to them? Is there a chance that they know that we just wouldn't like the answer. I think it's mostly the latter.

Thomas Jefferson said "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny." He was right. When asking "why" can cause you to be called an "Extremest", aren't we on the edge of tyranny?

Question everything coming out of Washington. Believe nothing told you without confirmation. Voltaire said, "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities". Use the weapons we have at our disposal. The truth, the Constitution and most importantly, ask why.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The dark alleys of the wandering mind

When there is a slow day at work your mind tends to wander a bit. I started thinking about the direction we're all heading in and it scared the hell out of me.

Look back with me to a time when the Founders were heroes. Flags flew from every pole and porch. Every child could quote at least a bit the writings of Jefferson, Payne and Franklin. I'm speaking about 1976, the bicentennial. Just 33 years ago, American pride was running rampant. Pamphlets, books, TV specials and movies of every kind were touting the greatness of America and it's Founders. How great was the gift given us by their work. Any dissension was kept to basements, student unions and dark coffee houses. Fingers were pointed and laughter could be heard when they were found. Anyone buying copies of Marx's, Lenin's or Mao's writings were "just going through a phase", or "just doing research". Parents and neighbors were saying that "they'd grow out of it", "what harm can it do"or "they'll come around".

Instead of growing out of it, they organized. They did come around, at least in appearance. They became pillars of their communities. They became organizers and activists. Some started companies or got into politics. Nothing got done without there being at least some input from them. Slowly the tide started turning. The work started by Teddy, Woodrow and Franklin was back in style and taken to the next degree.

Now these people have control of both Houses and the White House.The push to finish the job has been pushed into high gear. Anyone quoting the Founders is labeled an extremest and ridiculed. Anyone paraphrasing Marx and Mao are called profound and worldly. I say paraphrase because you still can't mention the names out loud, for now. The teachings though, divine gifts of greatness.

My wandering mind then took me to the next step. What if Health Care and Cap and Trade passes. Small business would start to fade out as the tax burden became to great to handle causing a surge in unemployment. Welfare would have to be expanded to keep up with the numbers. Government would have to take over more and more production to keep the country working and moving. Soon, in one way or another, most everyone would rely on Uncle Sam for a good portion of their income.

100 years from now what will the country be like. Will there be a chance that the writings of the Founders will still be allowed? Will there be anything left of the writings of Jefferson or the warnings of Washington in his final address? Is it possible that there will be new groups meeting in basements, student unions and dark coffee shops? Will they be discussing the the ancient history of the founding of America and saying with soft voices that the time has come for a revolution? Now for the scariest part, brace yourself. While the revolution talk is going on, will the country be celebrating the first 100 years of the new America? Will there be pamphlets, books, TV specials and movies about the new founding. Will Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and Frank be the new founders?

There is an old saying of dubious origins I was reminded of not to long ago. "May you live in interesting times". Whether said as a blessing or a curse, you have to admit that the times are interesting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Sparticus

Slavery is defined as 1 : drudgery, toil2 : submission to a dominating influence3 a : the state of a person who is a chattel of another b : the practice of slave holding. I think we're there.

Anyone with a job, well almost anyone, can relate to the first part of the definition. As to the second, how can you not call the Federal Government a dominating influence. We're all forced to pay taxes. New and improved laws keep coming down the pipeline that tell us how to live our lives. We're constantly told that we eat the wrong foods, drive the wrong cars, use to much oil and don't give enough to the less fortunate of the world. Even without the prior approval by us, because some group has gathered enough people to vote for it, more and more of our money is taken from us. There are numerous occasions where our taxes that could have been returned to us due to a program ending, are quickly and as quietly as possible shifted to the next latest and greatest program set up for our benefit. Ever forget to pay your taxes? Ever make an error in filing? What happens then? You get a love letter from the Chuck-E-Cheese of Washington, the IRS. The letter is filled with threats of garnishments, seizures and prison sentences. Ever feel like the whack-a-mole game was being played with you as the star? Make a mistake in the other direction and that's where the real kids games start. The did so's and did nots start flying. The mazes set up in the tax code will keep you busy for months. Before it's over your not sure all the hoop jumping was worth it. Every bill has some kind of punishment attached to it for those that would try to resist. With the Secret Service, FBI and U.S. Marshals to back them up, how can anyone get out of line to far without being whipped back. I call that a bit dominating, don't you?

Number three??? Lets see, would that fit? Chattel means "1. Law; An article of movable personal property. 2. A slave. We are defiantly movable. That's proved every time emanate domain is used. Are we property though? Most of you have a Social Security Number. You don't have to have one, just try living without it. A portion of every dime we earn is given to those "above" us to pay for the boons they decide to give us. Those that are "above" us have different rules then we do. We're told what we have to learn. When we can stop working and retire. In many cases, what Doctors we can see and how we can be treated. Our food is controlled by the FDA and by farm subsidies. The FCC controls what we see and hear. To sum up, we can be moved at any time. We're all assigned a number. We pay for the privilege of being taken care of, and what information is given to us is decided by others. Sounds like that fits the word chattel.

We may not be slaves in the traditional sense, but we are slaves none the less. Payment must be given for the right to live to others. The masters may have silver tongues and have been put in place by ourselves, but they are still masters. Those in DC look down at us with contempt and disdain. With a Representative Government, not a Dictatorship, shouldn't we be allowed to speak to our Representatives. Why do they run from us? Shouldn't they represent and listen to those against something as much as those fort it. Why do they attempt to squash any opposition and defame anyone they can personally. The push is on to totally silence the outcry from us chattel. No one is safe from attack.

We all have to speak out. Those that are silenced, must be replaced. Loose the Internet, write letters and pamphlets. Loose the radio, pick up the phone and gather in groups. All must be prepared when the time comes to stand and have your voice heard. Sparticus was a slave that led a revolt back in 73BC. In the movie version, at the end, when the battle was over and his army captured the call went out to bring Sparticus forward. When he stood and declaired himself, one by one all of his men stood and did the same. That's what we need today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When did it happen

It's weird. One morning I wake up and find out that I'm un-American. Personally I can't figure it out. I've voted in every election since I turned 18. I mean every election, even the special ones with one thing on the ballot. I suppose it could be that I've just been voting the wrong way. I joined the Army right out of High School. Sure, it was during the relative peace of the middle 80's. I guess just joining wasn't American enough, never firing a bullet in defence of my country must disqualify me some how. Most times, close isn't good enough I suppose. I just wish someone would post the standards someplace, I would like to get back in the club.

I thought I was following in Baraks example. You know, going out and getting the community behind fixing the troubles we're having. Heck, I'm not beyond using Baraks own words, "yes we can", "hope and change you can believe in". Hillary even screamed at the top of her lungs not that long ago that it was good and just to speak out. They spent all of 2008 encouraging everyone to take part in rallies and write the President about all the wrongs in America. I do that.

Despite all my efforts I guess I'm a failure. Nancy Pelosi says I'm just part of the "mob", un-American(Rush, if your out there, I'm still waiting on my check). Barak says I'm spreading false information. Man I wish those people would stop writing and posting fake bill in the congressional record! They get me every time. What was I thinking, quoting from a Government document, don't I feel stupid!

I guess I should give up. You win Nancy. Barak, you can rest assured that I will stay out of your America. I'll just take my copy of the Constitution and go play with the other 70% or so that believe in what the Founding Fathers started 233 years ago. I know, living in the past and all that. You keep the Greene's, trial lawyers and union thugs and rename us the United States of France or something. We'll be over to the right side, just doing the little things. Like paying for the impossibly expensive cost of running your Government. We'll just quietly read our propaganda, you know, Common Sense, the Federalist Papers, the founding documents. You've got a lot on your plate these days and don't need the distraction. Turning a country completely from the ideals that founded it, got us into two world wars and brought about the fall of Communism in Russia take a lot.

P.S. BITE ME! Nancy, I'm more American than you will ever be, and can ever be! I AM THE MOB!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Let me get this correct

I don't want to mess up here. According to Nasty Pelosi, it's un-American to protest what you think is an injustice. Billary said back in the day that it's our duty to protest and speak out against un-American things. Who's correct there?

Bush was portrayed as Hitler on a regular basis and it was just hoolairious. Rush points out a similarity between Obama's Health Care seal and a swastika. Brings up the common points of Germany's Health Care of the 30's, and Obama's. Also, he dares to publicly speak out against Obama, and he's the racist.

Do a google search on "Bush Hitler". It's a long list you'll be staring at. 6,780,000results. Try "Obama Hitler", you get a whopping 912,000. Which side did more comparing? Think the "Joker Poster" was unique? Guess what, the Lib's did it first, . You know the funniest thing that the Lib's tossed at Bush. When they compared him to a monkey, my word that's a knee slapper. Want to guess what would happen if you made that same statement about Obama? Bet you'd get more slapped than a knee.

There is nothing new going on here folks. One party is always bashing the other. There probably hasn't been to much of anything original tossed at the Big O. Hay Mr. President, there is one thing you could learn from the man that was in that chair before you. He didn't cry every time someone said something against him.

You folks let me know if we are allowed to speak up about this Health Care crap would ya. I'm waiting to open my Torch and Pitchfork out let store until I find out. Thinking of a buy one, get one sale on feathers when you buy a gallon of tar.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

An open letter to Congress

Please copy this letter and send it on to your congressmen and friends to do the same.

An open letter to Congress:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Let this letter serve as both a plea and a warning. We, the American people, have elected you to serve in the positions you now hold by virtue of a majority vote. We elected you to those positions to take care of the aspects of our lives that we are not able to take care of individually. Due to the actions of the self interested, acting alone instead of together, and because we as a people have allowed it, you find yourselves in an untenable position. The events that started us all down the path we are currently traveling were started long ago, by people that were believed to have good intentions at the time. Whether these intentions were honorable can be argued by others at a later date. Now we must deal with the situation at hand.

Currently there are enormous issues to deal with. The economy, unemployment, government and corporate corruption, health care, and the environment are such issues. These issues are intertwined with the economy being the common thread. If the economy fails, the rest are rendered meaningless. We implore you to honestly look at everything before you vote on anything. There are those of you that have personal agendas that are detrimental to the nation, we all know it. We ask that you please set aside any agendas for the time being and take a long honest look at every bill that crosses your desks. The American people are scared and angry now. As a result, they are taking action. Please take advantage of our efforts. We look at every bill that is proposed. We are study analysis and research from across the globe. We find flaws and consequences that go unrepaired. Flaws that you ought to know about in the performance of your duties but choose to ignore. We’ve proven that given even a few hours our capability of interpolation is almost limitless and accurate. Please use us, and not just your largest campaign contributors, as advisors and sounding boards. Please do not pass large, unread bills now for mere political expediency, when there are well known and disastrous consequences down the road.

Know that we chose you with our votes. Those same votes will be used to pass judgment on your performance. Know that we are watching, listening, reading and most importantly talking. Your votes are being counted, weighed and judged. Your words are being written and recorded for posterity. An admission now that you took not the time to read these bills before giving your consent will be recorded for future generations. Your actions are being watched and will be replayed when the consequences of ill-advised legislation come to be borne by our children. Support us, and we will support you. Reject us and we will reject you. Know that any disfavor you may fall into with your parties will not compare with the support we are capable of giving you. We are weary of seeing the arrogance and lack of effort you are currently demonstrating. We are tired of the half truths, spin and lies coming from you daily. The trumped up polls and misdirection you use are no longer working, we know them for what they are. Your frustration with our recent awakening to this is palpable.

You hold our fate in your hands, just as we hold yours. Remember, at some point you will have to face us. You are beholden to your constituents, and we are enraged. Somewhere you will see the faces of those you serve. Look past those impressed by your position and celebrity and find those that know you for who you truly are. The numbers that know your true selves are growing, thanks largely to your own efforts. You are awakening a sense of community in this nation. This community is being formed by people of all parties, age groups and backgrounds. You are welcome to join it or be shunned by it. It’s yours to decide. Please make your future choices wisely.

An American Citizen

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And the truth will set us free

Is it possible that Obama and his gang of merry men are doing us a favor?

Today, we constantly hear the words Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Socialist and Communist tossed about. Many times without any real context or meaning attached to them. How many, especially the under 40 crowd, really know the meanings of those words. There are a lot that can quote the definition from Webster’s or the Urban Dictionary but how much good is that without the proper context. How many have seen the real things, live and in person? Almost everyone in High School can quote Einstein’s theory of relativity, but what to do with it. Fewer will be able to tell you that E=mc² is energy equals mass times the velocity of light in a vacuum squared. An even larger amount would not know where to apply it and how. To know something is not necessarily enough to apply it sometimes.

Everyday, someone somewhere is called a Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal as an insult with contempt and distain. How can being what you are be an insult? Before I get accused of anything, I am a Conservative and know what it means to be one. There are very few in power these days that can be called any of those things though and have it mean anything. The folks in DC have become an amalgam of differing stereotypes and can not be placed neatly into any category. Taken by their true definitions, no one should be insulted by being called any of those terms. A Republican should be a defender of the Republic and a champion of the founding documents. A Democrat should be a hero to the little guy, fighting to be the voice of the forgotten and lost. A Conservative should be fiscally and socially responsible, leery of change and overspending without foreknowledge. Liberals, the other side of the coin know that change is happening all the time and it costs money to keep up out of need. How, at their base are any of those bad? You are what you are, admit it. You’ll feel better and more than likely those around you already know.

It takes all of us to make this nation work. Every one of the 305,000,000 people in this country has their own idea of exactly how it should work, all slightly different. No two people will ever agree on EVERYTHING. It can’t happen; life experiences are unique to everyone. Even identical twins, seeing the same car wreck will have slightly different accounts. Looking from slightly different positions, at different points of the wreck in a different order will cause differences. One may have been looking left, and the other right at the point of impact. One looking at the cars and one at the drivers. Which is more important?

Without the cars OR the drivers there would have been no wreck. Without the land and Government OR the people, there can be no nation. It takes both parties to drive this car of ours. One side keeps money in our pockets and keeps Government as small as possible, the other looks out for the forgotten and those that can’t take care of themselves. Both sides are just as important. Both sides must be willing to see the other point of view, not necessarily see the full value of it, but see it and admit it’s there. Without this vision, the country spins out of control to one side or the other. Both extremes are just as bad. We need the middle for balance.

We need the independents to be that middle to keep the equilibrium between the left and the right. Without the middle, both ends would fall. I personally believe that most in this country fall in the middle, and that is probably a good thing. The problem comes with the lack of knowledge on the issues coming at them from both sides. The MSM feeds the middle sound bites that project THEIR current values and the point of view of whichever side will serve them best. Apathy and the quick, overwhelming rate that the “news” is shoved at all of us have caused a degradation of the middle ground. Who has time to read bills, check facts, and look for similarities in history to base opinions. Both sides know this and use it to their advantage.

No one in power is innocent. Both sides only show what “bullet points” will get them the results they want. Neither will show the possible good or bad coming from the other side or their own. Sacrifices are always unfair when coming from the other camp, but just when coming from theirs. Rarely are they evenly distributed and fair. Even more rarely are they used in the manor with which they were sold as. Despite this “we” keep putting the same people behind the wheel. “We” rant, rave, yell and complain when they don’t listen to our pleas, but then elect the same fools again hoping for a different outcome. Our founders were right. No career legislators. Those that serve must come home and live with the laws they have given to us. Except with the current state of affairs, who wants the microscope turned on them? The spin doctors on both sides can tear anyone apart with little effort using only the “truth”. The “truth” from their point of view.

So where does that leave us. It leaves us vulnerable to attacks from those that would change the very system that has gotten them to the positions they are in now. Those that would change the system to their own version of utopia. The trouble with utopia is that no two person’s idea of it is the same. The very system that let them read study and learns of the wonders of Socialism and Communism is now not good enough for them. They wish to turn this nation into one that would not freely let them see the other side. On paper to the uninformed, Socialism and Communism look great. Everyone equal, everyone sharing the work and burdens. In practice… How can anyone under the age of say 35 have any context to put this in. All they might see if they take the time to look is footage of food lines, artificial shortages, attempted defections that must be propaganda. The news about how America sucks coming from Russia in the day has to be made up. With such a good system in place how could one be unhappy? Surely the borders were closed to keep the undesirables out, not keep the people in. What is not shown to the new fans of socialism is the loss of property, privacy and free will. Those that will be running this new utopia know it. So long as those things exist, the collective will not run smoothly. Any little change will disrupt a very delicate balance and weaken it.

At this time, more than ever we are heading down a path that will change our form of Government. Those that wish to make the change are in power or have people in place that can not or will not see the dangers ahead. This nation is dividing, not in half, but in quarters. Left and right, Republican and Democrat. Up and down, Socialist and American. The left and right are destroying themselves trying to take out the other side. That leaves up and down. Right now we’re top heavy. The spin doctors from the Socialist corner have taken over the MSM in most forms and have made the left and right ineffectual by egging on the fight between them. That leaves the base to save this land.

The base shifted on its axis this past election out of despair and lack of anything better. The base, while the backbone of this country, has a tendency to be spineless. Those that keep this country moving along have little time and desire to “play” politics. They want to be left alone to live their lives with as little interruption as possible. In my mind, the only way to get them back to the right side is to tell them the truth. Not just our truth, but the real pure truth. We need to stop playing the game. The game is about over anyway, we lost, accept it. We lost because we were playing their game, by their ever changeable rules. Time for some new dice and a new game board. The new rules will have to be well established and simple. Tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. The kind of truth that leaves nothing for the spinners to work with. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Let all sides in on the new rules, if they want to play by them, WONDERFUL! If they don’t , they lose. Lets give the middle the sound bites they crave so much, but be honest with them. If the other side comes up with a good idea, give them credit. If there are harmful aspects, point them out, just do it honestly.

Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Frank, Dodd and all the rest have done us a huge favor. If left alone, we would have become a Socialist nation in the relative near future. It’s where we’ve been heading for the last 100 years without much resistance. With the speed and brute force that is applied to every bill coming down the pike these days, folks can’t help but wake up. When they do wake, they notice that the light at the end of the tunnel is really a freight train heading right for them. What responses do they get when they question those in power these days? “You just wouldn’t understand”, “I’ll get back to you”, “We’ve got a team of experts telling us different”. Arrogance, appeasement, and distain over having to deal with the “commoners” are their only responses. This is working in our favor.

The “commoners” are getting more and more pissed with every evasion, half truth and outright lie. The fire being lit by Obama and company is burning out of control. We need a controlled burn to get it going in the proper direction. The mob needs led down the right streets. Not with equal or greater force, that will only make those in the middle angrier and running to anyone offering some kind of stability. We have to be that stability. The only weapon in our arsenal that will work is the truth. It is the only weapon that will not work for those trying to make the changes because it will appear hollow when shown in the light.

Show people the truth, don’t push it on them. Give people information; don’t shove it down their thoughts. Plant the seeds and step back, they will grow. Those on the fence and the uninformed will come around. As they do, those that were further out will slowly move over to take their place trying to see what they must be missing. We can bring this country back. Keep the truth in your hearts, it will guide us back.