Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The dark alleys of the wandering mind

When there is a slow day at work your mind tends to wander a bit. I started thinking about the direction we're all heading in and it scared the hell out of me.

Look back with me to a time when the Founders were heroes. Flags flew from every pole and porch. Every child could quote at least a bit the writings of Jefferson, Payne and Franklin. I'm speaking about 1976, the bicentennial. Just 33 years ago, American pride was running rampant. Pamphlets, books, TV specials and movies of every kind were touting the greatness of America and it's Founders. How great was the gift given us by their work. Any dissension was kept to basements, student unions and dark coffee houses. Fingers were pointed and laughter could be heard when they were found. Anyone buying copies of Marx's, Lenin's or Mao's writings were "just going through a phase", or "just doing research". Parents and neighbors were saying that "they'd grow out of it", "what harm can it do"or "they'll come around".

Instead of growing out of it, they organized. They did come around, at least in appearance. They became pillars of their communities. They became organizers and activists. Some started companies or got into politics. Nothing got done without there being at least some input from them. Slowly the tide started turning. The work started by Teddy, Woodrow and Franklin was back in style and taken to the next degree.

Now these people have control of both Houses and the White House.The push to finish the job has been pushed into high gear. Anyone quoting the Founders is labeled an extremest and ridiculed. Anyone paraphrasing Marx and Mao are called profound and worldly. I say paraphrase because you still can't mention the names out loud, for now. The teachings though, divine gifts of greatness.

My wandering mind then took me to the next step. What if Health Care and Cap and Trade passes. Small business would start to fade out as the tax burden became to great to handle causing a surge in unemployment. Welfare would have to be expanded to keep up with the numbers. Government would have to take over more and more production to keep the country working and moving. Soon, in one way or another, most everyone would rely on Uncle Sam for a good portion of their income.

100 years from now what will the country be like. Will there be a chance that the writings of the Founders will still be allowed? Will there be anything left of the writings of Jefferson or the warnings of Washington in his final address? Is it possible that there will be new groups meeting in basements, student unions and dark coffee shops? Will they be discussing the the ancient history of the founding of America and saying with soft voices that the time has come for a revolution? Now for the scariest part, brace yourself. While the revolution talk is going on, will the country be celebrating the first 100 years of the new America? Will there be pamphlets, books, TV specials and movies about the new founding. Will Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and Frank be the new founders?

There is an old saying of dubious origins I was reminded of not to long ago. "May you live in interesting times". Whether said as a blessing or a curse, you have to admit that the times are interesting.

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