Monday, August 31, 2009

I am an American

I am an American. The product of over two hundred years of sacrifice, hard work and patriotism. Those that would label me anything but, do not know me. In my heart I am a direct descendant of the Founding Fathers. While there may be no common blood, I am still a member of the line. I am a proud student of our history and have a keen eye on the future. I am from all races yet a member of one family.

I am an American. I show my loyalty to my country through my actions and words. I am the one called on to do the heavy lifting needed to keep our country working. I ask for little in return, just the freedom to be who I am.

I am an American. I can be hard as steel yet soft as a Mothers soothing touch. I can strike as quick as lightning either in retribution or aid with equal prowess. My capacity for mercy and charity know no bounds. I am resilient and will hold to my values no matter the situation.

I am an American. Those who oppose me look through eyes clouded with jealousy, envy and a fear of freedom. Those who would change me do so with the ignorance of my full potential.

I am an American. While I welcome debate, I abhor dictation. I will not stand idly by while a change to our very foundation is attempted, it will not be accepted. For far to long I've been silent or unheard. I will be quiet and ignored no longer. Silence me and there are many who will tell my story.

I am an American. This is my country, a great gift given me by my fathers. I will protect it and care for it as if it were my own child. If raised with the values set forth in the greatest documents of freedom ever written, it's potential for greatness is limitless.

I am an American. I can be your truest friend or your harshest enemy. The choice is yours to make. Know that your choice will not change my views in any way. You are welcome in my country so long as you accept it for what it is meant to be.

I am an American! I was born one. I live as one. And by the grace of God I will die as one!

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