Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Sparticus

Slavery is defined as 1 : drudgery, toil2 : submission to a dominating influence3 a : the state of a person who is a chattel of another b : the practice of slave holding. I think we're there.

Anyone with a job, well almost anyone, can relate to the first part of the definition. As to the second, how can you not call the Federal Government a dominating influence. We're all forced to pay taxes. New and improved laws keep coming down the pipeline that tell us how to live our lives. We're constantly told that we eat the wrong foods, drive the wrong cars, use to much oil and don't give enough to the less fortunate of the world. Even without the prior approval by us, because some group has gathered enough people to vote for it, more and more of our money is taken from us. There are numerous occasions where our taxes that could have been returned to us due to a program ending, are quickly and as quietly as possible shifted to the next latest and greatest program set up for our benefit. Ever forget to pay your taxes? Ever make an error in filing? What happens then? You get a love letter from the Chuck-E-Cheese of Washington, the IRS. The letter is filled with threats of garnishments, seizures and prison sentences. Ever feel like the whack-a-mole game was being played with you as the star? Make a mistake in the other direction and that's where the real kids games start. The did so's and did nots start flying. The mazes set up in the tax code will keep you busy for months. Before it's over your not sure all the hoop jumping was worth it. Every bill has some kind of punishment attached to it for those that would try to resist. With the Secret Service, FBI and U.S. Marshals to back them up, how can anyone get out of line to far without being whipped back. I call that a bit dominating, don't you?

Number three??? Lets see, would that fit? Chattel means "1. Law; An article of movable personal property. 2. A slave. We are defiantly movable. That's proved every time emanate domain is used. Are we property though? Most of you have a Social Security Number. You don't have to have one, just try living without it. A portion of every dime we earn is given to those "above" us to pay for the boons they decide to give us. Those that are "above" us have different rules then we do. We're told what we have to learn. When we can stop working and retire. In many cases, what Doctors we can see and how we can be treated. Our food is controlled by the FDA and by farm subsidies. The FCC controls what we see and hear. To sum up, we can be moved at any time. We're all assigned a number. We pay for the privilege of being taken care of, and what information is given to us is decided by others. Sounds like that fits the word chattel.

We may not be slaves in the traditional sense, but we are slaves none the less. Payment must be given for the right to live to others. The masters may have silver tongues and have been put in place by ourselves, but they are still masters. Those in DC look down at us with contempt and disdain. With a Representative Government, not a Dictatorship, shouldn't we be allowed to speak to our Representatives. Why do they run from us? Shouldn't they represent and listen to those against something as much as those fort it. Why do they attempt to squash any opposition and defame anyone they can personally. The push is on to totally silence the outcry from us chattel. No one is safe from attack.

We all have to speak out. Those that are silenced, must be replaced. Loose the Internet, write letters and pamphlets. Loose the radio, pick up the phone and gather in groups. All must be prepared when the time comes to stand and have your voice heard. Sparticus was a slave that led a revolt back in 73BC. In the movie version, at the end, when the battle was over and his army captured the call went out to bring Sparticus forward. When he stood and declaired himself, one by one all of his men stood and did the same. That's what we need today.

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