Monday, August 10, 2009

Let me get this correct

I don't want to mess up here. According to Nasty Pelosi, it's un-American to protest what you think is an injustice. Billary said back in the day that it's our duty to protest and speak out against un-American things. Who's correct there?

Bush was portrayed as Hitler on a regular basis and it was just hoolairious. Rush points out a similarity between Obama's Health Care seal and a swastika. Brings up the common points of Germany's Health Care of the 30's, and Obama's. Also, he dares to publicly speak out against Obama, and he's the racist.

Do a google search on "Bush Hitler". It's a long list you'll be staring at. 6,780,000results. Try "Obama Hitler", you get a whopping 912,000. Which side did more comparing? Think the "Joker Poster" was unique? Guess what, the Lib's did it first, . You know the funniest thing that the Lib's tossed at Bush. When they compared him to a monkey, my word that's a knee slapper. Want to guess what would happen if you made that same statement about Obama? Bet you'd get more slapped than a knee.

There is nothing new going on here folks. One party is always bashing the other. There probably hasn't been to much of anything original tossed at the Big O. Hay Mr. President, there is one thing you could learn from the man that was in that chair before you. He didn't cry every time someone said something against him.

You folks let me know if we are allowed to speak up about this Health Care crap would ya. I'm waiting to open my Torch and Pitchfork out let store until I find out. Thinking of a buy one, get one sale on feathers when you buy a gallon of tar.

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