Saturday, August 8, 2009

An open letter to Congress

Please copy this letter and send it on to your congressmen and friends to do the same.

An open letter to Congress:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Let this letter serve as both a plea and a warning. We, the American people, have elected you to serve in the positions you now hold by virtue of a majority vote. We elected you to those positions to take care of the aspects of our lives that we are not able to take care of individually. Due to the actions of the self interested, acting alone instead of together, and because we as a people have allowed it, you find yourselves in an untenable position. The events that started us all down the path we are currently traveling were started long ago, by people that were believed to have good intentions at the time. Whether these intentions were honorable can be argued by others at a later date. Now we must deal with the situation at hand.

Currently there are enormous issues to deal with. The economy, unemployment, government and corporate corruption, health care, and the environment are such issues. These issues are intertwined with the economy being the common thread. If the economy fails, the rest are rendered meaningless. We implore you to honestly look at everything before you vote on anything. There are those of you that have personal agendas that are detrimental to the nation, we all know it. We ask that you please set aside any agendas for the time being and take a long honest look at every bill that crosses your desks. The American people are scared and angry now. As a result, they are taking action. Please take advantage of our efforts. We look at every bill that is proposed. We are study analysis and research from across the globe. We find flaws and consequences that go unrepaired. Flaws that you ought to know about in the performance of your duties but choose to ignore. We’ve proven that given even a few hours our capability of interpolation is almost limitless and accurate. Please use us, and not just your largest campaign contributors, as advisors and sounding boards. Please do not pass large, unread bills now for mere political expediency, when there are well known and disastrous consequences down the road.

Know that we chose you with our votes. Those same votes will be used to pass judgment on your performance. Know that we are watching, listening, reading and most importantly talking. Your votes are being counted, weighed and judged. Your words are being written and recorded for posterity. An admission now that you took not the time to read these bills before giving your consent will be recorded for future generations. Your actions are being watched and will be replayed when the consequences of ill-advised legislation come to be borne by our children. Support us, and we will support you. Reject us and we will reject you. Know that any disfavor you may fall into with your parties will not compare with the support we are capable of giving you. We are weary of seeing the arrogance and lack of effort you are currently demonstrating. We are tired of the half truths, spin and lies coming from you daily. The trumped up polls and misdirection you use are no longer working, we know them for what they are. Your frustration with our recent awakening to this is palpable.

You hold our fate in your hands, just as we hold yours. Remember, at some point you will have to face us. You are beholden to your constituents, and we are enraged. Somewhere you will see the faces of those you serve. Look past those impressed by your position and celebrity and find those that know you for who you truly are. The numbers that know your true selves are growing, thanks largely to your own efforts. You are awakening a sense of community in this nation. This community is being formed by people of all parties, age groups and backgrounds. You are welcome to join it or be shunned by it. It’s yours to decide. Please make your future choices wisely.

An American Citizen

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