Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When did it happen

It's weird. One morning I wake up and find out that I'm un-American. Personally I can't figure it out. I've voted in every election since I turned 18. I mean every election, even the special ones with one thing on the ballot. I suppose it could be that I've just been voting the wrong way. I joined the Army right out of High School. Sure, it was during the relative peace of the middle 80's. I guess just joining wasn't American enough, never firing a bullet in defence of my country must disqualify me some how. Most times, close isn't good enough I suppose. I just wish someone would post the standards someplace, I would like to get back in the club.

I thought I was following in Baraks example. You know, going out and getting the community behind fixing the troubles we're having. Heck, I'm not beyond using Baraks own words, "yes we can", "hope and change you can believe in". Hillary even screamed at the top of her lungs not that long ago that it was good and just to speak out. They spent all of 2008 encouraging everyone to take part in rallies and write the President about all the wrongs in America. I do that.

Despite all my efforts I guess I'm a failure. Nancy Pelosi says I'm just part of the "mob", un-American(Rush, if your out there, I'm still waiting on my check). Barak says I'm spreading false information. Man I wish those people would stop writing and posting fake bill in the congressional record! They get me every time. What was I thinking, quoting from a Government document, don't I feel stupid!

I guess I should give up. You win Nancy. Barak, you can rest assured that I will stay out of your America. I'll just take my copy of the Constitution and go play with the other 70% or so that believe in what the Founding Fathers started 233 years ago. I know, living in the past and all that. You keep the Greene's, trial lawyers and union thugs and rename us the United States of France or something. We'll be over to the right side, just doing the little things. Like paying for the impossibly expensive cost of running your Government. We'll just quietly read our propaganda, you know, Common Sense, the Federalist Papers, the founding documents. You've got a lot on your plate these days and don't need the distraction. Turning a country completely from the ideals that founded it, got us into two world wars and brought about the fall of Communism in Russia take a lot.

P.S. BITE ME! Nancy, I'm more American than you will ever be, and can ever be! I AM THE MOB!

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