Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can a Conservative fight the system and retain his morals and values? My wife was injured on the job by a drunk driver in May of this year. The lady that hit her will be eligible to get her license back before my wife will be able to get her surgery. She is an employee of Wood County Ohio. From day one, the County has has been guilty of using delay tactics, not returning phone calls, withholding information and lying. After four and a half months of fighting to get surgery scheduled to get a bulging disk removed that is pressing against the nerve that runs down her right arm, we are still waiting in the County to approve it. Workers Comp has approved it after we waded, mostly on our own, through the maze of paperwork. The County still has not acted.

Were I a Democrat, we would have many outlets from which to seek help from. The ACLU, ACORN, SEIU and a host of talk shows come to mind. Who can a Conservative turn to and retain his morals and values. According to our workers comp lawyer, there is a law in place that does not allow suits to be filed against an employer over a compensation claim. We are of course seeking other council to confirm this. I have to ask, how can an employer do everything in their power stall the process without some firm guidelines in place of how they should act. Without some form of reprisal from the victims they are totally at their mercy.

I have to ask again, can a Conservative get help on an issue like this without compromising his values? I would sell my soul to take this pain from my wife, do I have to?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To boldly go where......

First off, for the sake of openness and honesty I must admit to the fact that I'm Caucasian. Therefore, everything I write from this point on is immediately racist in the eyes of the media and most of D.C.. It really isn't, just the consequence of being born in the wrong gene pool to apparently give opinion on this subject.

If Joe Wilson is guilty of being racist, why has it not been racism when a person of color has called George Bush a liar for the last eight years? How about any time in history a person of color has called any President a liar, was that racism? Jimmy Carter has gone record stating that Wilson's remarks were racist. Has Jimmy ever met the man? Does he have any evidence to support his statement? It has been a week since Joe uttered his words at the joint session. Have you noticed any media outlet citing proof that Joe is a racist? The last Joe to confront the President was torn to shreds by the MSM. Job history, tax records and personal information was all over the news within days after Joe the plumber posed his question. Surely if there was any evidence of Wilson's racism, at least hints would have been offered by now. I will go so far however as to admit that Wilson's outburst was out of line as to the venue and time.

I'm sorry to any I may offend by saying this. It is possible to disagree, call a liar or even not like someone without being racist. I offer as proof the following. I hold President Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Spector, Dodd and Snowe all in a special place in my heart equally. I have never met anyone of them, so I do not hate them personally. I have no evidence that they are truly bad people. I do however, hate their views and positions on issues and policies. I have historical data in the form of their own words to back up my position there. That is my opinion. It has at least the same if not more proof attached to it then the opinions of Jimmy Carter and the MSM. What proof that Wilson is a racist do they have to back their opinion? As further proof I offer this, I gain nothing by writing this. No pay what so ever. I do however leave myself open to the slings and arrows that could be thrown by those of differing opinions. What do I have to gain by writing this.

Is there racism in this Country? YES! No question about it! It would not take much looking to find it. One thing though, I must point out that racism knows no color. It comes from any and every possible direction. It is not however, as prevalent as the MSM and those with agendas try to make out to be. Those with agendas are using it as a method of distracting the public from the real points of contention. Please don't fall for it. Look past the arrogant crowd crying wolf and see what they are trying to hide.

Why is it so hard to live by the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Nice, simple words to live by. Lets try it for a bit, maybe we'll find that we like it. Just ignore the MSM and their "if it bleeds, it leads" motto. Let them fade away into their own hype and half truths.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Truth or Consequences

Let's play a game. Guess what, you don't have a choice. We're all playing truth or consequences whether we want to or not. The consequences are about to begin, we're way past the truth.

For decades both sides have been yelling at the other over the same lies. The lies are slightly different on each side, but pretty much end at the same result. The Right tries to stand on a platform of small government, family values and fiscal responsibility. How's that working for ya? Ever not see a President not let the government grow in some way? Those pesky sex scandals can get annoying can't they. Then there's TARP. Nuff said on that. The left promises equality, security in your later years and jobs for all. Please tell me any race these days that is not pissed off. That retirement looming ahead of you isn't looking to rosy right now is it. Jobs, how are they not working for you.

Both sides promise over and over again that they are going to fix things, yet things just keep getting worse. When do we say "Enough"! Why do we keep putting the same people in power thinking "this time they really mean it". If you do find a congressman trying, I mean really trying, he's not long for the political arena. In the next election, his opponent will just point out how ineffective he's been and probably convince enough morons that he's the man for the job. Most likely, the newbie will just become a lap dog for the old boy's network of whichever side he calls himself.

Americans voted for "Hope and Change" last election. The "masses" are getting so desperate for any relief that they will believe any fish oil salesman that can get face time on the local news. Well here we are, just 8 little months into Obama's Presidency and already the hope has pretty much faded away. The only change we're seeing is the speed of destruction. No, McCain wouldn't have been much better. At least with him, Palin would have been riding the brakes as hard as she could. With no one riding the breaks, we've got to make tough decisions real fast. No one will be left out. If you choose not to pick a side, sacrifices will be made in your name by the government for you. Pick a side and you just may reach that light at the far end of the tunnel.

We must, as a whole, demand from the White House and Congress that we are not only heard, but listened to as well. Demand that your elected officials be of the highest moral quality. Past associations count a lot. People can grow out of phases in their life, but you have to make sure they have grown. Our President is the best example of this. Ayres, Wright, ACORN, Van Jones and Davis should have at least raised a question or two about Obama's values. Every one of them have views that fundamentally go against the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These were the influences of his past. Has he changed? Did he disavow any of them? No! Yet some are surprised at the direction he's steering us.

Please, for the love of Country, vote out any who show less than moral character. Any that vote for a bill that has not been read, they need to go ASAP. Those that vote against the majority will of their constituents should never, ever get a vote. Remember, you may be on the winning side now, but how long before they turn on you too. Attend a tea party or town hall. If all you get is double talk, talked down to or laughed at, take them down with your vote. They work for us! They need to fear us!

I'm saying all this now, a year early in most peoples minds, because local elections are looming. The locals of today are the "Big Dogs" of tomorrow. They need to learn their places now, before they are in a position to do real damage. The consequences of the actions of our past are about to slap us in the face, hard! Lets mitigate the future generations damage potential while we can.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mr President,
I would like to go on the record as being offended by your turning a horrible day in American history into a campaign issue. 9-11 should be left out of any type of political agenda anyone has. It should be left as a day of remembrance of the 2,993civilians, police and fireman that perished that day. If you feel you must have a National day of Service, please choose any other day. Let Americans mourn the dead and remember that sad day with dignity.

Thomas A Perkins

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I give up, you tell me

Will the real Barack Obama please stand up. Our President is either a Mad Genius, an inept flunky working for clueless leaders or the most arrogant man ever to sit in the big chair.

Barack Obama's rise to power is remarkable, can't take that from him. Moving from graduating law school in 1991 to the Illinois State Senate in 1996. 8 years later running and winning the seat in the Senate. Onto the campaign trail in '07 and taking the White House in '08. Quite the leap in such a short time. He did this because of his great speaking ability. Under the right circumstances, he can arguably be ranked up with the greatest public speakers of our day. The right circumstances being a written and studied text. Off the cuff, not so much. What baffles me so much is how can a man "from" the people understand them so little and have no idea how to talk to them unprepared.

Sure he replaced an unpopular President. Bush was disliked by folks from both parties for various reasons. Barack managed to build a base from almost all those dislikes. The war, the economy and overspending caused a massive conversion from the middle. The sometimes "ham handling" of America by Bush was a major platform of Barack's against "Bush Lite", McCain. Then, after winning, what's the first thing he does? He completely cheeses off at least a quarter of his recent converts with the stimulus. Anyone with even an ounce of fiscal conservatism in them saw the massive damage with little return heading right for their Grandchildren.

The Stimulus, while painful to his support base was not fatal to his popularity. All during the stimulus crap he was busy trying to fill Cabinet positions. Could he possibly do a worse job of picking people. How many folks nominated had not forgotten to pay taxes, taken bribes or cheated on spouses? Why, oh why would you propose a man to head the Treasury that couldn't even sign over a check given him for his taxes with to cover his taxes? Just the fact that he "forgot" to pay to pay should be reason enough to doubt him being "the only man that can fix the economy". By the way Timmy, ever fill those empty offices yet? Surely there are some CPA's out there that can pay their taxes, add and believe in your system.

Next onto Cap and Trade. The bill that will save the world from the evils of Global Cooling. Oops, wrong decade. Save the world from Global Warming. Oops, wrong decade again. Save the world from the evils of Climate Change. Could it possibly be that the simple fact that they can't make up their minds on which direction we're going and that other planets are doing the same thing show a few flaws in the "science"? Pretty much everyone agrees that we need to clean this pig sty up a bit, but come on, killing our economy in the process is a bit much.

Now onto the big ape hanging onto the side of Barack's Empire State Building, Health Care. Yes our system needs work, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water. It's going to be just like, better, not at all the same as England's, Canada's and France's. Forget the bill hiding behind the curtain, HR 3200. Barack's plan is nothing like that. Nothing in that bill is in Barack's plan. Ah, Mr. President, HR 3200 is the only bill on the table. "Your" bill has not seen the light of day in any written form. Shouldn't you at least have some basics jotted down on a White House napkin by now? Be kind of nice since the House, that your people control, tried to shove a plan through before the August break.

As Americans we ask little of our elected officials. A bit to little apparently by the fix we find ourselves in now. There are Congressman, Democrats mostly (this time around) insulting the general public anytime they get face time on the news. Anyone that dares ask a question is immediately fitted for a target. Simple questions for the most part. "Did you read the bill" and "how much is this going to cost" are grounds for the death penalty with some in DC. One of our fine Rep's even said it was beneath her to talk to the people that got her into office. We're all Nazi's according to Ms. Pelosi. Even though there may be one or two around, should you really take the risk of calling everyone that speaks up one? Is there a chance you could really offend a few Jews and Poles in the crowd. Lets not forget Barney Frank. The fine upstanding Gentleman that assured us all that Freddy and Fannie were in excellent shape just a year or two before they brought the whole system down. A bit of advice Mr. Frank, during the middle of trying to fix a collapse, do not say we need to do more of what started it.

At the risk of being targeted, I have to ask. Who's in charge? Is it Barack, is he the Mad genius running the show. Is all going according to plan and we're headed to the America that Obama dreams of? Everything being done, with the force of a freight train, is killing America. Is this what he wants?

Maybe he's just an inept flunky following a poorly laid plan. To many chiefs maybe? A few to many people trying to get a seat at the table of power? Add in the obvious trouble with the minions union and things look like it couldn't possibly be less organized. No matter what they are trying to do, at least try to use the same playbook. If they could have at least avoided half the stupid sound bites coming out of DC, they would be well on their way to what they want. Spanky and Our Gang put on better productions then Obama's crew.

Is it that he can't keep that disgusted look off his face when things don't go exactly as he planned. The very air around him seems to freeze when someone asks an unscripted question, makes a statement that questions his approach or dare I say it, SAYS HE'S WRONG! How dare we question the wise and wonderful Barack. I guess even typing this paragraph makes me a racist these days. Arrogance, thy name is Barack.

Mr. President, or Mr. President's Boss. Please take an hour or two and sit down with your Czars, cabinet heads and party chairmen to come up with a plan. If helping America is your goal, then stick to a cogent plan. If your plan is to destroy America, your doing a wonderful job. The flip side of the coin is that your awakening the masses to everything wrong in DC. I guess I should thank you for that. I believe you will go down in the history books as the President that changed America. It just may not be in the light you think it will be.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The real pledge

Mr. President. I recently caught your new pledge. In a word, it sucks. How about we just bring this oldie but goody back.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

Just for fun, how about checking out the best version of it ever recorded.

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance