Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can a Conservative fight the system and retain his morals and values? My wife was injured on the job by a drunk driver in May of this year. The lady that hit her will be eligible to get her license back before my wife will be able to get her surgery. She is an employee of Wood County Ohio. From day one, the County has has been guilty of using delay tactics, not returning phone calls, withholding information and lying. After four and a half months of fighting to get surgery scheduled to get a bulging disk removed that is pressing against the nerve that runs down her right arm, we are still waiting in the County to approve it. Workers Comp has approved it after we waded, mostly on our own, through the maze of paperwork. The County still has not acted.

Were I a Democrat, we would have many outlets from which to seek help from. The ACLU, ACORN, SEIU and a host of talk shows come to mind. Who can a Conservative turn to and retain his morals and values. According to our workers comp lawyer, there is a law in place that does not allow suits to be filed against an employer over a compensation claim. We are of course seeking other council to confirm this. I have to ask, how can an employer do everything in their power stall the process without some firm guidelines in place of how they should act. Without some form of reprisal from the victims they are totally at their mercy.

I have to ask again, can a Conservative get help on an issue like this without compromising his values? I would sell my soul to take this pain from my wife, do I have to?

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