Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To boldly go where......

First off, for the sake of openness and honesty I must admit to the fact that I'm Caucasian. Therefore, everything I write from this point on is immediately racist in the eyes of the media and most of D.C.. It really isn't, just the consequence of being born in the wrong gene pool to apparently give opinion on this subject.

If Joe Wilson is guilty of being racist, why has it not been racism when a person of color has called George Bush a liar for the last eight years? How about any time in history a person of color has called any President a liar, was that racism? Jimmy Carter has gone record stating that Wilson's remarks were racist. Has Jimmy ever met the man? Does he have any evidence to support his statement? It has been a week since Joe uttered his words at the joint session. Have you noticed any media outlet citing proof that Joe is a racist? The last Joe to confront the President was torn to shreds by the MSM. Job history, tax records and personal information was all over the news within days after Joe the plumber posed his question. Surely if there was any evidence of Wilson's racism, at least hints would have been offered by now. I will go so far however as to admit that Wilson's outburst was out of line as to the venue and time.

I'm sorry to any I may offend by saying this. It is possible to disagree, call a liar or even not like someone without being racist. I offer as proof the following. I hold President Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Spector, Dodd and Snowe all in a special place in my heart equally. I have never met anyone of them, so I do not hate them personally. I have no evidence that they are truly bad people. I do however, hate their views and positions on issues and policies. I have historical data in the form of their own words to back up my position there. That is my opinion. It has at least the same if not more proof attached to it then the opinions of Jimmy Carter and the MSM. What proof that Wilson is a racist do they have to back their opinion? As further proof I offer this, I gain nothing by writing this. No pay what so ever. I do however leave myself open to the slings and arrows that could be thrown by those of differing opinions. What do I have to gain by writing this.

Is there racism in this Country? YES! No question about it! It would not take much looking to find it. One thing though, I must point out that racism knows no color. It comes from any and every possible direction. It is not however, as prevalent as the MSM and those with agendas try to make out to be. Those with agendas are using it as a method of distracting the public from the real points of contention. Please don't fall for it. Look past the arrogant crowd crying wolf and see what they are trying to hide.

Why is it so hard to live by the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Nice, simple words to live by. Lets try it for a bit, maybe we'll find that we like it. Just ignore the MSM and their "if it bleeds, it leads" motto. Let them fade away into their own hype and half truths.

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