Sunday, September 13, 2009

Truth or Consequences

Let's play a game. Guess what, you don't have a choice. We're all playing truth or consequences whether we want to or not. The consequences are about to begin, we're way past the truth.

For decades both sides have been yelling at the other over the same lies. The lies are slightly different on each side, but pretty much end at the same result. The Right tries to stand on a platform of small government, family values and fiscal responsibility. How's that working for ya? Ever not see a President not let the government grow in some way? Those pesky sex scandals can get annoying can't they. Then there's TARP. Nuff said on that. The left promises equality, security in your later years and jobs for all. Please tell me any race these days that is not pissed off. That retirement looming ahead of you isn't looking to rosy right now is it. Jobs, how are they not working for you.

Both sides promise over and over again that they are going to fix things, yet things just keep getting worse. When do we say "Enough"! Why do we keep putting the same people in power thinking "this time they really mean it". If you do find a congressman trying, I mean really trying, he's not long for the political arena. In the next election, his opponent will just point out how ineffective he's been and probably convince enough morons that he's the man for the job. Most likely, the newbie will just become a lap dog for the old boy's network of whichever side he calls himself.

Americans voted for "Hope and Change" last election. The "masses" are getting so desperate for any relief that they will believe any fish oil salesman that can get face time on the local news. Well here we are, just 8 little months into Obama's Presidency and already the hope has pretty much faded away. The only change we're seeing is the speed of destruction. No, McCain wouldn't have been much better. At least with him, Palin would have been riding the brakes as hard as she could. With no one riding the breaks, we've got to make tough decisions real fast. No one will be left out. If you choose not to pick a side, sacrifices will be made in your name by the government for you. Pick a side and you just may reach that light at the far end of the tunnel.

We must, as a whole, demand from the White House and Congress that we are not only heard, but listened to as well. Demand that your elected officials be of the highest moral quality. Past associations count a lot. People can grow out of phases in their life, but you have to make sure they have grown. Our President is the best example of this. Ayres, Wright, ACORN, Van Jones and Davis should have at least raised a question or two about Obama's values. Every one of them have views that fundamentally go against the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These were the influences of his past. Has he changed? Did he disavow any of them? No! Yet some are surprised at the direction he's steering us.

Please, for the love of Country, vote out any who show less than moral character. Any that vote for a bill that has not been read, they need to go ASAP. Those that vote against the majority will of their constituents should never, ever get a vote. Remember, you may be on the winning side now, but how long before they turn on you too. Attend a tea party or town hall. If all you get is double talk, talked down to or laughed at, take them down with your vote. They work for us! They need to fear us!

I'm saying all this now, a year early in most peoples minds, because local elections are looming. The locals of today are the "Big Dogs" of tomorrow. They need to learn their places now, before they are in a position to do real damage. The consequences of the actions of our past are about to slap us in the face, hard! Lets mitigate the future generations damage potential while we can.

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