Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Due to circumstances beyond our control...

I recently discovered that I had lost something. Something very near and dear to my heart. It was my sense of humor and my joy. Without those things, my life was not the same. Without those things, I could not truly function. I was just going through the motions needed to get through my day. Any laughter was fake, any smile a disguise. The reason for this, a faulty system that was allowing my wife to suffer needlessly. A political system that I could not and still can not fight effectively. The feelings of hopelessness, uselessness and anger took over my entire world. I lived to fight and really nothing else.

The realization of the loss I had suffered came to me from the strangest place. My wife found a sticker with a little saying on it. It simply read, "Some people are like Slinky's - totally useless but they do bring a smile to your face when you push them downstairs." The properness and taste of the sticker can be debated later. My first thought upon seeing it was that I could think of several folks that deserved to be flung downstairs. I had a mental image of it. Ideas raged in my head of how to get revenge on those that have wronged my family. Everything I saw in the news about the crap going on in Washington only served to spur on these thoughts. I would get this fixed someway, somehow.

As the days wore on, I thought back to that sticker. I saw it every day because it sat on my desk at work. It brought a smile to my face still. Only the reason for the smile had slowly begun to change. When I saw it, more and more the thoughts of the giver overtook the thoughts of who deserved to rediscover gravity. While my wife may have had the same thoughts I did at first about the message, that was not the reason she gave it to me. Her gift was just a simple little way to say that she loved me. Something to make me smile and think of why I married her.

The message behind this little diatribe is this. Do not let what you can't control take over your life. What is happening in Washington these days is bad. We will all pay the price of what the voters of the last hundred years have left us with. It isn't going to be pretty, it's going to hurt like hell to fix and the entire Country may turn upside down. BUT, you can not let the fight take over your life. You must keep a firm grip on what you are fighting for. When the fight becomes your reason for being, it's time to get out for awhile. I'm not saying in any way to quit. Keep up the emails, letters, protests, calls, everything your doing. Just go home at night, really go home. If you lose sight of what and who your fighting for, you become a liability. That is when Obama and Pelosi are correct in calling us a mob and extremists. They win then.

Find your own sticker. Look at your family. Rent a Mel Brooks or Monty Python movie. Buy a slinky and push it downstairs. Smile for a bit and remember what it is that you are fighting for. Make sure you keep a firm grip on your joy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not so much.....

The first phrase that a Liberal will use to defend Obama is always, "well, were you better off under Bush". The answer is a resounding YES! Please for the love of God do not get the idea that I think Bush was all that great. It's just that Obama's first year since election has been, shall we say so unique.

Iraq bad, Afghanistan good. That's the mantra of the left during the entire duration of the war on terror. Yes I said it, the war on terror. The folks doing the bombings and shootings know who and what they are. They are doing exactly what they want to accomplish. Causing terror in the minds of others. They are doing exactly what their job description says. Washington on the other hand.... Mr. President, if you are going to support the war in Afghanistan, then support it. Quit holding meetings to see if we need a study on whether to form a panel to say if we need a hearing to have a troop surge. We are either in or out, just pick one.

"I inherited this mess". Yes you did. You sought it out. You asked and begged for it. You spent a whole lot of money to assure that you got it. So deal with it! "Pass my stimulus or unemployment will hit 10%". Guess where we are at Mr. President. But wait there's more! Now we're up to our kids' eye balls in debt to boot! What a bargain!

Have I got a deal for you! I can sell you this car for a song! How about "Two out of Three Ain't Bad", by Meatloaf. The two companies that Obama "saved" have declared bankruptcy. Ford those dirty double dealers, underhandedly didn't take any money and look where they are at! At least Obama can take credit for making those Japanese auto companies happy with his "cash for clunkers".

How about that environment. I do believe that the last year of warming is still 1998. Those nutty Polar Bears are still increasing their numbers. I do realize that there are still bears dying from lack of food. Could it be that the same amount of food, plus more bears is a bad thing? I'm sure that the power from windmills and solar panels will be seen shortly. Maybe just as soon as they can figure out how to make them cost effective. But hey, folks did get put back to work making them for awhile. Now if only there was a market for them other than the Government.

Wall Street is rebounding. That's good! The dollar is tanking. That's bad! Hey, what's that coming over that next rise! Oh that's only double digit inflation. Move along, nothing to see here. I have to wonder how many jobs have been created or saved in the printing industry. People must be pretty tired from running the presses 24/7 to make all the extra cash being spit out. At least Ink makers local 37 is doing OK. We should keep an eye on the clock makers too. Those National Debt Clocks have been running pretty hard lately. I'm sure they won't last much longer.

The Constitution? Aww that old thing. We'll blow the dust off it on Holidays and when we need a good laugh. Those nutty Founders, thinking they could form a Government.

Isn't it a grand thing that all those Communists and Marxists are getting the chance to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom. Just goes to show you we really are the land of the free. At least for now. Why is that Gieco music playing in my head???

Last but not least, Health Care. Ah, just forget it and pass the aspirin. I do have to ask though. Will Dr. Kevorkian's services be available?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Government Mismanagement

Currently, my wife is stuck in the middle of Workman's Comp purgatory. The County she is employed by has apparently decided that the increased cost of insurance is not worth the amount of pain she has currently lived through. Even though it's been six months almost to the day she has had to endure it. Even though every Doctor she has been sent to has agreed she she needs surgery, they stall. It doesn't matter that the independent medical review they sent her to proved this was in no way a pre-existing condition, they delay. All this to save a few more of the once almighty dollar. This is just at the County level, can you imagine what it will be like if the Health Care system goes national?????

It has been said to death that there will be no "Death Panels". How can you trim costs without cutting services? It is also said that you can keep your Doctor and current plan. That's going to be a neat trick since so many Doctors have said they will quit if this goes through. With the Government plan having no profit motives, how can any other insurer compete and stay in business? The most telling statement coming out of DC is that this bill will be deficit neutral. Anyone really believe that????

Bottom line, the Government can not earn money! It can only take through taxes and fees. So long as there is one drop on red ink on any of the books in DC, nothing is deficit neutral. While there just may be the slightest chance that this Congress has finally found the answer of how to pass a bill that does not add red ink, I highly doubt it. That has been the Holy Grail of every Congress since the dawn of America. I personally would bet on the Lions to win the Super Bowl before I would bet on Congress to pass a bill that comes in on budget.

The only possible way to control costs with a national system is if everyone is in it. Every Doctor and Hospital would have to agree to take what Washington is will to pay them. There would be no room competition in plans because any undercutting of prices would drive people out of the system. The less people paying into the system, the less money can go out of it.

Of course there would have to be more healthy people than sick. Sick people will drag down the utopia that has been formed. Kind of like Social Security, we all know how well that is doing. Is that system deficit neutral? We'd all just have to make sacrifices to keep healthy. Bye, bye Hostess. See ya later Sara Lee. Hershey's, we'll just have to get you some professional help ASAP! Hang on a sec though. What will all those lost jobs from us cutting back do to the income DC is expecting????

I know, I'm a malcontent. I'm just part of the mob using hateful speech to get my little, unimportant opinion across. OK, I promise to stop using the basic math and English skills I was given in my Public School education for evil. I will try to live up to this promise just as soon as Congress really tries to be deficit neutral.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The loss of the individual

There is a very important animal in this country that needs to be added to the endangered species list, the individual. A person, with self worth, self importance and a clear understanding of who he or she is. They are not endangered due to anything they are doing, it's Washington that's on a hunting spree.

How many times have you heard or read a story about someone being "lost in the system", or among the "forgotten". Why does this happen? Why in the age of cell phones and Internet are people still being left behind and forgotten? It's because of Government, Government "help" and "intervention". The Government can not and will not help the individual. Why would it, it's only one vote amongst millions.

The easiest way for politicians to "see" us is to put us in easily managed and categorized groups. Race, age, sex, political party, east coast, west coast, middle America, the list is endless. The old line about not seeing the forest for the trees is backwards in today's environment. No one in any position of any level of Government can see that the forest is made up of the individual trees.

Most of the "cracks" that people fall into are made by Washington's own hand. For the good of a group, DC enacts a new law that will improve every one's lives. They tend to forget that most groups are a very small percentage of the total population. Yet their "help" effects the whole. They also tend to forget or ignore that it's very hard to really nail anyone down into a specific "this is what they are" group. People are an amalgam of their personal, unique life experiences. While you may be for saving the Blind Bald headed Badger from extinction, you know that for the sake of the many the factory that will save your town has to go in their mating grounds. Politicians love writing 1000 page bills that by their own admission they don't read yet are for the trees. Heck, Al Gore refuses to quit eating meat, Mr. Environment himself. Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about there. I can just imagine the headaches that a Black female Hispanic Jew that has switched religions to become a Catholic and has gender issues would cause. It could be fun to watch some heads explode trying to categorize her.

Lets take Health Care. Using Washington's own, overinflated number there are 47,000,000 in this Country without Health Care. Sounds like a large number and I'll admit it is. The reality though is that even at that level, it is only approximately 14% of the population. Washington's logic though is that the whole system is junk because of that 14% and we need to start over. They don't care that 86% already have Health Care and most are happy with it. You can find the "happiness factor" even reflected in their own polls. On a personal level, I really don't care if illegals are happy with their coverage or not. Those in DC really don't care that their "new and improved" system will cause those with good coverage to have to convert to something less. "Sorry, the life saving treatment is not allowed." "To bad, last year you could have gotten it."

The one size fits all coverage we will all be forced into eventually really fits no one. For those that do not want coverage to save money, you will have to pay a fine if they don't take it. For those that have coverage, it will be a downgrade. Yes, those with no health care will get something out of it. They will now have to deal with the headaches the rest of us do. Trying to figure out how to get done what you want with the coverage you have. For those here illegally, GO HOME! The one part of all this we all get though, is that we will end up paying more money for coverage. Maybe not directly through up front payments. When you add in all the new taxes and fees that will be reflected back on us it will add up quickly. Show of hands, how many of you know that there will be a new tax on everyday medical products. Band aids, tampons, etc...., everything.

The individual needs to be recognised for what he(or she) is. An American. An American that counts and that has a voice that needs to be heard. They do not need to be labeled as a malcontent, or categorized as an unruly mob if there happens to be more than one person with the same point of view. Mr. President, Madam Speaker and the rest of you in DC, I am an American individual with a voice and I demand to be heard.