Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Due to circumstances beyond our control...

I recently discovered that I had lost something. Something very near and dear to my heart. It was my sense of humor and my joy. Without those things, my life was not the same. Without those things, I could not truly function. I was just going through the motions needed to get through my day. Any laughter was fake, any smile a disguise. The reason for this, a faulty system that was allowing my wife to suffer needlessly. A political system that I could not and still can not fight effectively. The feelings of hopelessness, uselessness and anger took over my entire world. I lived to fight and really nothing else.

The realization of the loss I had suffered came to me from the strangest place. My wife found a sticker with a little saying on it. It simply read, "Some people are like Slinky's - totally useless but they do bring a smile to your face when you push them downstairs." The properness and taste of the sticker can be debated later. My first thought upon seeing it was that I could think of several folks that deserved to be flung downstairs. I had a mental image of it. Ideas raged in my head of how to get revenge on those that have wronged my family. Everything I saw in the news about the crap going on in Washington only served to spur on these thoughts. I would get this fixed someway, somehow.

As the days wore on, I thought back to that sticker. I saw it every day because it sat on my desk at work. It brought a smile to my face still. Only the reason for the smile had slowly begun to change. When I saw it, more and more the thoughts of the giver overtook the thoughts of who deserved to rediscover gravity. While my wife may have had the same thoughts I did at first about the message, that was not the reason she gave it to me. Her gift was just a simple little way to say that she loved me. Something to make me smile and think of why I married her.

The message behind this little diatribe is this. Do not let what you can't control take over your life. What is happening in Washington these days is bad. We will all pay the price of what the voters of the last hundred years have left us with. It isn't going to be pretty, it's going to hurt like hell to fix and the entire Country may turn upside down. BUT, you can not let the fight take over your life. You must keep a firm grip on what you are fighting for. When the fight becomes your reason for being, it's time to get out for awhile. I'm not saying in any way to quit. Keep up the emails, letters, protests, calls, everything your doing. Just go home at night, really go home. If you lose sight of what and who your fighting for, you become a liability. That is when Obama and Pelosi are correct in calling us a mob and extremists. They win then.

Find your own sticker. Look at your family. Rent a Mel Brooks or Monty Python movie. Buy a slinky and push it downstairs. Smile for a bit and remember what it is that you are fighting for. Make sure you keep a firm grip on your joy.

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