Friday, November 6, 2009

Government Mismanagement

Currently, my wife is stuck in the middle of Workman's Comp purgatory. The County she is employed by has apparently decided that the increased cost of insurance is not worth the amount of pain she has currently lived through. Even though it's been six months almost to the day she has had to endure it. Even though every Doctor she has been sent to has agreed she she needs surgery, they stall. It doesn't matter that the independent medical review they sent her to proved this was in no way a pre-existing condition, they delay. All this to save a few more of the once almighty dollar. This is just at the County level, can you imagine what it will be like if the Health Care system goes national?????

It has been said to death that there will be no "Death Panels". How can you trim costs without cutting services? It is also said that you can keep your Doctor and current plan. That's going to be a neat trick since so many Doctors have said they will quit if this goes through. With the Government plan having no profit motives, how can any other insurer compete and stay in business? The most telling statement coming out of DC is that this bill will be deficit neutral. Anyone really believe that????

Bottom line, the Government can not earn money! It can only take through taxes and fees. So long as there is one drop on red ink on any of the books in DC, nothing is deficit neutral. While there just may be the slightest chance that this Congress has finally found the answer of how to pass a bill that does not add red ink, I highly doubt it. That has been the Holy Grail of every Congress since the dawn of America. I personally would bet on the Lions to win the Super Bowl before I would bet on Congress to pass a bill that comes in on budget.

The only possible way to control costs with a national system is if everyone is in it. Every Doctor and Hospital would have to agree to take what Washington is will to pay them. There would be no room competition in plans because any undercutting of prices would drive people out of the system. The less people paying into the system, the less money can go out of it.

Of course there would have to be more healthy people than sick. Sick people will drag down the utopia that has been formed. Kind of like Social Security, we all know how well that is doing. Is that system deficit neutral? We'd all just have to make sacrifices to keep healthy. Bye, bye Hostess. See ya later Sara Lee. Hershey's, we'll just have to get you some professional help ASAP! Hang on a sec though. What will all those lost jobs from us cutting back do to the income DC is expecting????

I know, I'm a malcontent. I'm just part of the mob using hateful speech to get my little, unimportant opinion across. OK, I promise to stop using the basic math and English skills I was given in my Public School education for evil. I will try to live up to this promise just as soon as Congress really tries to be deficit neutral.

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