Thursday, November 5, 2009

The loss of the individual

There is a very important animal in this country that needs to be added to the endangered species list, the individual. A person, with self worth, self importance and a clear understanding of who he or she is. They are not endangered due to anything they are doing, it's Washington that's on a hunting spree.

How many times have you heard or read a story about someone being "lost in the system", or among the "forgotten". Why does this happen? Why in the age of cell phones and Internet are people still being left behind and forgotten? It's because of Government, Government "help" and "intervention". The Government can not and will not help the individual. Why would it, it's only one vote amongst millions.

The easiest way for politicians to "see" us is to put us in easily managed and categorized groups. Race, age, sex, political party, east coast, west coast, middle America, the list is endless. The old line about not seeing the forest for the trees is backwards in today's environment. No one in any position of any level of Government can see that the forest is made up of the individual trees.

Most of the "cracks" that people fall into are made by Washington's own hand. For the good of a group, DC enacts a new law that will improve every one's lives. They tend to forget that most groups are a very small percentage of the total population. Yet their "help" effects the whole. They also tend to forget or ignore that it's very hard to really nail anyone down into a specific "this is what they are" group. People are an amalgam of their personal, unique life experiences. While you may be for saving the Blind Bald headed Badger from extinction, you know that for the sake of the many the factory that will save your town has to go in their mating grounds. Politicians love writing 1000 page bills that by their own admission they don't read yet are for the trees. Heck, Al Gore refuses to quit eating meat, Mr. Environment himself. Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about there. I can just imagine the headaches that a Black female Hispanic Jew that has switched religions to become a Catholic and has gender issues would cause. It could be fun to watch some heads explode trying to categorize her.

Lets take Health Care. Using Washington's own, overinflated number there are 47,000,000 in this Country without Health Care. Sounds like a large number and I'll admit it is. The reality though is that even at that level, it is only approximately 14% of the population. Washington's logic though is that the whole system is junk because of that 14% and we need to start over. They don't care that 86% already have Health Care and most are happy with it. You can find the "happiness factor" even reflected in their own polls. On a personal level, I really don't care if illegals are happy with their coverage or not. Those in DC really don't care that their "new and improved" system will cause those with good coverage to have to convert to something less. "Sorry, the life saving treatment is not allowed." "To bad, last year you could have gotten it."

The one size fits all coverage we will all be forced into eventually really fits no one. For those that do not want coverage to save money, you will have to pay a fine if they don't take it. For those that have coverage, it will be a downgrade. Yes, those with no health care will get something out of it. They will now have to deal with the headaches the rest of us do. Trying to figure out how to get done what you want with the coverage you have. For those here illegally, GO HOME! The one part of all this we all get though, is that we will end up paying more money for coverage. Maybe not directly through up front payments. When you add in all the new taxes and fees that will be reflected back on us it will add up quickly. Show of hands, how many of you know that there will be a new tax on everyday medical products. Band aids, tampons, etc...., everything.

The individual needs to be recognised for what he(or she) is. An American. An American that counts and that has a voice that needs to be heard. They do not need to be labeled as a malcontent, or categorized as an unruly mob if there happens to be more than one person with the same point of view. Mr. President, Madam Speaker and the rest of you in DC, I am an American individual with a voice and I demand to be heard.

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