Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not so much.....

The first phrase that a Liberal will use to defend Obama is always, "well, were you better off under Bush". The answer is a resounding YES! Please for the love of God do not get the idea that I think Bush was all that great. It's just that Obama's first year since election has been, shall we say so unique.

Iraq bad, Afghanistan good. That's the mantra of the left during the entire duration of the war on terror. Yes I said it, the war on terror. The folks doing the bombings and shootings know who and what they are. They are doing exactly what they want to accomplish. Causing terror in the minds of others. They are doing exactly what their job description says. Washington on the other hand.... Mr. President, if you are going to support the war in Afghanistan, then support it. Quit holding meetings to see if we need a study on whether to form a panel to say if we need a hearing to have a troop surge. We are either in or out, just pick one.

"I inherited this mess". Yes you did. You sought it out. You asked and begged for it. You spent a whole lot of money to assure that you got it. So deal with it! "Pass my stimulus or unemployment will hit 10%". Guess where we are at Mr. President. But wait there's more! Now we're up to our kids' eye balls in debt to boot! What a bargain!

Have I got a deal for you! I can sell you this car for a song! How about "Two out of Three Ain't Bad", by Meatloaf. The two companies that Obama "saved" have declared bankruptcy. Ford those dirty double dealers, underhandedly didn't take any money and look where they are at! At least Obama can take credit for making those Japanese auto companies happy with his "cash for clunkers".

How about that environment. I do believe that the last year of warming is still 1998. Those nutty Polar Bears are still increasing their numbers. I do realize that there are still bears dying from lack of food. Could it be that the same amount of food, plus more bears is a bad thing? I'm sure that the power from windmills and solar panels will be seen shortly. Maybe just as soon as they can figure out how to make them cost effective. But hey, folks did get put back to work making them for awhile. Now if only there was a market for them other than the Government.

Wall Street is rebounding. That's good! The dollar is tanking. That's bad! Hey, what's that coming over that next rise! Oh that's only double digit inflation. Move along, nothing to see here. I have to wonder how many jobs have been created or saved in the printing industry. People must be pretty tired from running the presses 24/7 to make all the extra cash being spit out. At least Ink makers local 37 is doing OK. We should keep an eye on the clock makers too. Those National Debt Clocks have been running pretty hard lately. I'm sure they won't last much longer.

The Constitution? Aww that old thing. We'll blow the dust off it on Holidays and when we need a good laugh. Those nutty Founders, thinking they could form a Government.

Isn't it a grand thing that all those Communists and Marxists are getting the chance to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom. Just goes to show you we really are the land of the free. At least for now. Why is that Gieco music playing in my head???

Last but not least, Health Care. Ah, just forget it and pass the aspirin. I do have to ask though. Will Dr. Kevorkian's services be available?

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